Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sliced Tate Bakes

Potato Bakes Sliced
I like different varieties of potatoes and enjoy serving them in small portions. More of an accent on the plate. These were to go with super thin slices of steak and French green beans…but it did not happen. To my surprise, I served these up and my sister would not eat them. She said they looked liked snails and actually made a face and pushed them away quickly. She was really turned off by the look of them. They say we eat with our eyes first…well, in this case…it was a total turn off to her.

By contrast, I love the look of them and thought she would enjoy a different presentation of potatoes. Purple potatoes are not everyones top choice and this may have added to her no thank you grimace.

She ended up making her own potatoes.
Instant, from a box.

Everyone has their own taste preferences and as a cook you have to honor that. So, if your kids won't eat something, or an adult dislikes certain foods, or an unusual presentation, it's okay. Fortunately, I enjoy the process of cooking and tucking some love inside. Even if someone does not want it, the effort is not wasted. Love is what cooking is all about. Even if it comes from a box.

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