Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Snack! Roasted Chickpeas with Sriracha and Dixon Chile Powder.

Roasted Chickpeas with Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and Dixon Red Chile Powder
Everyone loves crunch! These super hot chickpeas are roasted in Sriracha Chili Sauce and New Mexican Dixon Red Chile Powder, plus a little olive oil, and a touch of salt. Chickpeas are nutrient dense and chock full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. The name chickpea, (ciche pease) comes from a variety of sources with the addition of garvance in the 17th century. The current word, garbanzo comes directly from modern Spanish. I just call them delicious. These are great snacks but also make a wonderful addition to many other recipes. Pop them on a salad. If you are feeling adventurous, crumble them on top of your eggs, or sprinkle on top of your mac and cheese bake.

Making these are easy. If you use fresh garbanzo beans, you are going to have to prep ahead and cook them for about two hours. Cool, rinse and dry. If you use the canned version, rinse and dry them before you toss all the ingredients together. I also clean off the clear outer skin. Next, let the ingredients marinate for 30 minutes. Use a non-stick sheet pan, or line a traditional sheet pan with foil or parchment paper and lay the chickpeas in one layer. If you use a glass pan, add a quick spray of non-stick oil. Cook at 400-450 degrees for about 40 minutes, turning them every ten minutes or so. I like mine very dry and crunchy throughout, so I sample them toward the end of the bake and sometimes add additional time. Your personal preference for crunch may vary, how long you cook them is up to you. Also, the amount of spice you add will influence the hot factor. Make a good sized batch. They will last for a few days, but my guess is that they will be gone before you can say yum-dillicious.

TIP: If you want other flavors, mix in whatever you like. Chickpeas are adaptive to lots of ingredients. If you are going to use these as a crumble or crisp, put them in a baggie and pound them to your desired size. These also make a fine crumb breading for fish, chicken or pork. 

PS. If you want some New Mexican Dixon Red Chile Powder…this is your source.