Friday, July 17, 2015

Modern Etiquette meets the Wi-Fork

Table setting etiquette blueprint with mobile phone
Table étiquette has seemingly changed to include a Wi-Fork phone—but it's more than that, it's taken center plate. It's become the largest part of the table setting. With the exception of a handful of places that ban cell phones at the table, it's now embedded into society as acceptable.

It's the new appetizer gone wild.

I, for one, think it's completely rude. Mindful eating and good manners should not be left behind. People are obsessed with taking pictures of their food while dining and it's distracting. I don't want to see phonies taking selflies while talking with their mouth full.

Decorum is dignified and shows respect for the chef, the servers and your guest(s). It's good taste for the sake of good taste. I guarantee your food will taste better if you put away your phone.

I want to enjoy my meal and talk with the people I am breaking bread with. How about you?

App is a verbal short for appetizers in restaurant lingo, and tech applications, but real appetizers are small bites of delectable food meant to be savored—not a download you devour while using your phone. If you currently do this, I hope you will rethink your decision and join those of us who would love to spend quality time with you…without your Wi-Fork phone. The new normal is not informal + mobile device. There, I said it—I formally invite you to get a little more formal, or dare I say, civilized.