Saturday, October 14, 2017

Get your cracker on!

My last post was about topping almost everything with veggies. It's the easiest and most attractive way to make sure you are eating a good amount of vegetables every day. Again, prep ahead!

Tuna on crackers with veggie topping is another good quickie. Pole & Troll caught is considered the best choice for sustainability. Choose all natural, solid Albacore packed in water. Non GMO.

If you eat tuna, this is a nice light meal or snack to share. I like Carr's Cracked Pepper Table Water Crackers but this will work on any cracker you choose, and there are many wonderful crackers to choose from. Crackers are petite serving dishes you can plate anything on.

If you prep ahead this will take about 2 minutes to assemble. Good fast food. Veggie cream cheese, or any cheese you like works too. Keep eating your vegetables!

Carr's Cracked Pepper Table Water Crackers with Albacore Tuna and veggies

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Scramble up some sunshine!

Breakfast does not have to be boring. Toss in some bright and healthy veggies to dress up your plate. Sometimes it's difficult to get your full servings of vegetables, but I find taking a bit of time to chop up a bunch of vegetables makes it easy to add it to almost any meal you fix. Preparing ahead means you have it at your fingertips. It's a quick way to get your daily vegetables and have it on hand as a garnish, salad or side dish.

Veggie egg scramble.