Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chocolate is Not Aways What You Think it is...

chocolate scare
Regulations are changing on food labels but this is off the charts. I recently read that some chocolates contain ingredients that have dangerous heavy metals and other ingredients you don't want to consume. Read this list of companies you don't want to keep. I eat Lindt 85% extra dark chocolate on occasion and add some non-fat blueberry yogurt for creaminess with a few fresh blueberries. It might seem like a good snack but in the future I will not be eating it.

Nutrition labels do not tell the whole story, no matter how vigilant you are with inquiry. And, this is just one example.

Food can be a risk on many levels if you don't pay attention. Why don't they share this kind of information and stop adding it in to our food?

They just want our money and don't care how it affects us.


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