Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fruit. Edible Decoration.

Fruit. Edible Decoration

One of the delights of summer fruit is their artful perfection. When you feast your eyes on the vast variety of fruit in your market don't just think of them as food. Think of them as edible decoration.

Bring home a variety and use them as centerpieces for your table; allow them to ripen naturally. The sweet aroma fills the room with the scent of summer until you are ready to eat them. Unlike most flowers, fruit is a beautiful decor accent that you can eat. Their natural beauty brightens up your space. Any time you bring nature inside you enhance everything.

In addition to enjoying them as they are, baking them, adding them into prepared dishes, turning them into a sauce or jam, making smoothies, a fruit dessert, or topping ice creme—I like to squeeze the juice on some lovely salad greens for a light, fresh dressing or spritz a little into my water.

Before the season is over, buy them now. Get canning, or cut them up and freeze them to enjoy year round.

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